Switch Energy Reward Program. (SER)

Mandala Art Workshops

El Arte de SER Persona: Talleres de autoconocimiento y bienestar. 

This colorful Mandala´s art workshops allow us to know how to process and perceive our emotions, to be able to enclose the final interpretation, to switch our energy with a positive perception. 

Bio Energy.

Bio Energy Healing Heart/Brain Coherence

Bio Energy is a great energy wellness technique to heal with love and harmony. Because Bio Energy unifies science and consciousness, each Bio Energy session can take the whole human’s essence by harmonizing Body, Thought and Spirit to allow wellness to flow through your using the energy that creates worlds.

Therapeutic Massages

Enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage  where you will experience a positive connection with your soul and body through your whole senses.

Spiritual Camps

Share the adventure of living a Spiritual Camp to empower your human experience in this magnificent world.  Learn, laugh, love, play, vibe and witness the Sacred Consciousness of Life.

Ancestral medicine

Allow your soul to manifest its pure love and purpose in this living adventure.  Feel how your greatest love works for yourself, in your memories and shadows, while your  Sacred Source is present in communion with you.